Much of my life I was a businessman, family man, and believer - even Pastored a growing church. It looked like I had it all, but I was broken, and losing it – literally!  When I really understood who I was – in God’s eyes - I started living lighter.

My mission, my real joy, is helping you live lighter, today. It’s possible.
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About The Blogger

Eric is a long time friend of mine, filled with passion for God. He is well equipped to teach the gentile church about her Hebraic roots.

Pastor Eric Teitelman is a Hebrew believer in Christ, and an ordained pastor through the Southern Baptist Convention. He is one of the senior pastors at The Lighthouse Church in Ashburn, Virginia, and pastors the House of David teaching and worship ministry. He lives in the Washington DC area with his wife Kim. Read more →

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#1 We believe God is mad at us if we sin or make a mistake

After years of experience, I have concluded that no matter how much doctrine a believer may know, a person will not experience deep and true victory from sin until he or she has a true sense that God is always good and gracious.

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We keep hearing the evening news touting that massive unemployment rate keeps rising. We continue to hear about interest rates fluctuating, the stock market and bond markets rising and falling Read more →